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Harness the earning potential of parking spaces

Does property maintenance cause you considerable costs?  Are your parking spaces reserved for customer parking constantly used by visitors to neighboring properties and other motorists?

Paid parking is your solution if you want to get income from parking and ensure that there are always enough parking spaces for your customers and staff. By changing your area to paid, you can cover property maintenance costs and possibly have money left over for other uses. Our customers have used their parking revenue e.g. for the development of its services, maintenance of its yard areas, and snow plowing in the winter.


Barrier-free car park solutions (camera)

Our barrier-free car park solutions ensure cost-effective paid parking with user-friendly and reliable ticket machines. Alternatively, RFID and register number recognition make contract parking effortless even in challenging spaces. Light signs make parking easier. Light signs are a more accessible alternative to a car park barrier. This solution can be combined with ticket machines and contract parking (RFID and online parking permit management).


Online parking permit management/rental

The online parking permit renders the management of rented parking spaces effortless and quick without any paperwork. It is perfect for renting parking spaces out to property occupants.

The service removes the need for physical parking permits, which makes using the car park easier. Granting and revoking parking permits is easy and quick with the online service. No more leftover permits or risk of permit violation.


Parking space counting system (space availability)

No more time spent on finding a parking spot – signs lead cars to the nearest vacant space. Sensors and easy-to-follow signs make finding a parking space faster and reduce fuel consumption and the carbon footprint. The parking space counting system updates the car park capacity on dynamic road signs, directing traffic to the car park and guiding customers to the services. The counting system equipped with a sound system enables direct marketing and guidance services.

Concrete benefits of the service:

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is the auxiliary name of ParkkiPate

under which we operate our paid destinations


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