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Say goodbye to paper permits

OmaRuutu is an application developed for the needs of property managers and property owners, with which you can manage the location management of the entire property with ease.


Forget Excels, notebooks and paper parking permits

Management of parking permits

With OmaRuutu, you handle the location management of the entire property from one application. The constant adjustment with renters' and parkers' parking spaces ends, because renters and parkers can manage and maintain their own space quota that you define for them.

Quota of places to rent

You have the option to quota the number of places to be rented, e.g. for companies or other users in your area.

You can get rid of hand-out, physical permission slips

You can forget about the slow and time-consuming process of ordering and distributing permits. Parking spaces will be freed up for real users of the property, as paper permit tags will no longer be left hanging for old users or other outsiders.

Bill conveniently from OmaRuutu

Through OmaRuutu, you handle the entire invoicing process for parking spaces effortlessly.

Real-time view of the reservation and queuing situation of parking spaces

You can see the reservation and waiting situation in your parking area by location or region.

Managing your own parking permit (driver)

Parking for motorists is made easier with their own application (mobile/web), with which they can e.g. to manage their own parking permit and manage things related to renting and parking space payment conveniently.






(1-25 spaces)


(26-50 spaces)


(51- spaces)


Electronic management of parking permits

Parking scheduling and timeout

Sending/transferring the management rights of the rented parking space to the parker

Commissioning and training services,

and customer service






(1-25 spaces)


(26-50 spaces)


(51-  spaces)

*+0.9% of the turnover of reserved spaces. We will deduct the transaction costs from the amount to be settled, depending on the implementation.

Includes, in addition to the basic package:


Monthly accounts and accounts reports

 Payment monitoring and reminders

Choose the most suitable service package for you

The price of OmaRuuutu consists of a fixed monthly fee €100/month and from the package you choose (VAT 0%).

We reserve the right to price changes.

Get the most out of OmaRuutu with additional packages

Keys in hand
150€ includes:

Attaching the map

Item creation

Instructions for embedding a booking link (iframe) on the site of your choice

Video library

Personal guidance (1h)

Yard area in order

Painting of windows according to actual costs*

Fix the markings of the parking spaces

* Accessories according to the price list.

The work is charged at €75/h according to the hours worked.

Order OmaRuutu

Alternatively, you can contact our sales.

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