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Here you will find the most frequently asked questions and their answers. However, if you cannot find what you are looking for, please contact our customer service via chat, phone or email. Note! We do not handle complaints over the phone.

Who authorises the parking control in the area?

Parking control is always contractually agreed with the owner or holder of the property. In most cases, the contracting party is the property manager of a housing company.

How can I file a complaint?

You can easily file a complaint online by clicking here

How long does it take to get a response to a complaint?

We aim to respond to complaints as quickly as possible. However, we will always respond within two weeks.

Why can I not find my control fees with my name and/or personal identity code?

Control fees are issued under the case number and registration number. ParkkiPate Oy does not collect personal data relating to vehicles.

Can I park my moving van without receiving a control fee?

Our traffic wardens will always wait in the vicinity of the vehicle before issuing a control fee. Brief stops in the yard area and along emergency roads are allowed, but parking in these areas is forbidden. In other words, a vehicle is only allowed to be temporarily parked along the emergency road during unloading and loading, and even then, the driver must be in the immediate vicinity of the vehicle. However, it is not necessary for the resident to keep watch next to the vehicle; it is enough that there are clear signs of unloading and loading while the vehicle is parked.

What should I do if someone has parked in my parking space?

Fill in a parking control request form on our website. The request goes to the nearest traffic warden, who will check the request as soon as possible. 

When can I make a parking control request?

You can make a control request when a vehicle is in the control area or when a vehicle is parked in violation of the area’s parking rules. Parking control requests are forwarded to the nearest traffic warden around the clock.

Where can I obtain a parking permit?

We advise you to contact the owner or holder of the property, as they manage the parking permits. However, clients who order our parking control services and require additional parking permits can contact our customer service directly.

Why can I not file a complaint over the phone?

Complaint processing always requires investigative work, which we cannot carry out during calls. In addition to this, a written record of the complaint must always be kept for any further investigation.

Do I have to pay my control fee if I have filed a complaint?

No. You can wait for a decision on your complaint before making any payment.

Why can I not find my control fees with the Uuva Oy case number?

The Uuva Oy case number is a debt collection case number, which unfortunately cannot be used to look up ParkkiPate’s control fees. However, the original case number of the control fee is always included in the payment requests sent by Uuva Oy.

Do I need to place a parking disc on my motorcycle?

It is not necessary to place a parking disc on the motorcycle, but you must still adhere to the parking times.

Do I need to place a parking permit on my motorcycle?

It is not necessary to place a parking permit on the motorcycle. However, you must be able to present your parking permit on request.

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