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PatePilvi is the easiest way to manage your destinations and make your destinations' parking spaces available to your guests, customers and employees. It is possible to create several credentials in PatePilvi with different access rights.

Manage all your destinations from one view

  • you can see at a glance all the items you have control over

  • objects can be granted different user levels and access rights depending on your needs

  • you can put an item for a break and return from the break regarding parking control. Putting the target on pause for a short time is convenient, for example, during public events

  • you can request enhanced supervision.


Find and manage  parking for all your destinations in real time

  • you can see valid parkings, future parkings and expired parkings in an instant

  • you can add or remove parking rights

  • you can apply for parking e.g. according to the registration number, town and legend

  • you can do mass management of parking rights, i.e. if you want to set certain parking rights to end or continue at once

  • you can import and export registry lists as a CSV file directly to Excel.

  • Together, PatePilvi forms with PateAula, a virtual parking attendant, which is an excellent tool for smooth parking.


Find all billing reports in one place

  • if you have paid destinations, you can see all billing reports directly 

  • by clicking on the settlement report of a certain month, opens monthly accounting report as a pdf file. You can easily save this for yourself.

  • the view is intended for our contractual partners and can be granted different access levels depending on the person's status.

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