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Parking control of housing associations

ParkkiPate supervises the use of guest spaces and paid parking spaces in housing associations. Illegal parking in housing associations often also occurs in areas other than those reserved for cars, e.g. on the rescue road, whereupon the access of rescue vehicles is blocked, and in green areas, whereupon the plantings are damaged.

ParkkiPate supervises parking in the whole area of the property. This increases the safety and comfort of living in the area of the property: parking is easier and movement in the area is safer for everyone.

We solve your housing association's parking problems

In the areas monitored by ParkkiPate, customer, guest and RM spaces are sufficient for those who need them, when the given parking times are observed.

As a contract partner of ParkkiPate, parking in the area of your property always takes place according to the rules. The spaces reserved for customers and guests are freed up for proper use and the times set for the duration of parking are observed. Unauthorized parking in the area of the property will end.

Our services are used e.g. in shopping centers, parking companies, housing associations and large public events.

The most common reasons for parking problems

  • the number of parking spaces does not increase in the same proportion as the number of cars

  • many motorists park without permission in private areas, without obtaining the paid parking permit that may be required in the area

  • guest and customer spaces are misused, even for long-term parking

  • the time limits of the parking areas are not observed, and the parking disk is not used

  • emergency roads and yard areas are used for unauthorized parking

  • RM spaces are used by people other than those with reduced mobility

Easier parking

The goal of ParkkiPate's operation is easy and problem-free parking for all motorists. With the help of our operations, RM spaces remain in use by people with reduced mobility, escape routes are free, transactions are effortless and resident parking is in order. In the areas of the properties we supervise, parking is easier for everyone and movement in the areas is safer.


Private parking surveillance

ParkkiPate's parking supervisors are trained to handle private parking supervision in our clients' parking areas in the best possible way - with the aim of guaranteeing smooth parking at all times. Our supervisors regularly visit our contract areas and work in easily recognizable ParkkiPate work clothes.

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"Who decides on parking supervision in the area of ​​the housing association?"

Each property owner can decide on the parking control of the area they own. In the case of a housing stock company, the decision on parking supervision is usually made at a board meeting.

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